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    Other Cities Near Chester

    About Chester

    photo of chester city center

    The city of Chester lays claims to being one of the best preserved walled cities in the British Isles with City Walls stretching unbroken for just over 2 miles. The only break in the circuit is in the southwest section in front of County Hall. A footpath runs along the top of the walls, crossing roads by bridges and passing a series of structures, namely Phoenix Tower (or King Charles' Tower), Morgan's Mount, the Goblin Tower (or Pemberton's Parlour), and Bonewaldesthorne's Tower with a spur leading to the Water Tower, and Thimbleby's Tower.[44] On Eastgate is Eastgate Clock which is said to be the most photographed clock in England after Big Ben. The walk is popular with tourists

    The city is also characterised by its black and white architecture which originates form the Victorian era and the “Rows” which are unique to Chester. These are building with shops and/or dwellings on the lowest 2 storeys of buildings, with the lower storey lying lower than ground and road level.

    Chester benefits from great transport links by road and rail and used to rely heavily upon its canal system during the 18th century. From a tourist perspective there is much on offer. There are museums, art galleries, theatres, churches and cathedrals to view. There are canal tours on offer that will portray Chester from a different and interesting angle. Shopping wise, Chester Shopping Centre is situated in old grand buildings and has a personal quaint feeling. Chester Market, which first began in 1139 still runs to this day.

    The oldest race course in the country can be found in Chester as can the largest roman amphitheatre in the country. The area of Broughton, just outside Chester is home to Airbus’ UK factory and in 2008 Chester became a cycling demonstration town which sought to raise the profile of cycling throughout the Chester community and those further afield.

    Interestingly the Mayor of Chester in 1540, Henry Gee, decided to cancel the traditional Shrove Tuesday football game and replace it with a horse race; thus bringing about the informal name for horses – gee gees.

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