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  • $9 for $15 Worth of Ice Cream Rolls at Little Ed's Ice Cream Shop

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    • $15 Value Towads Ice Cream Rolls

    See the menu.

    Gelato: Milky, Dense, and Melty

    Learn how this sweet, creamy treat differs from ice cream with Groupon’s introduction.

    Gelato simply means “frozen” in Italian, and it could be thought of as ice cream’s Old World cousin. The two treats share many features—including milk, cream, and sugar—but a few key differences give each its distinct personality.

    Lower fat content: Gelato has a higher milk-to-cream ration than ice cream, giving it a fat content of around 5–8%. Ice cream, by comparison, must have a fat content of at least 10% to be called “ice cream” in the United States or “dinner” at the North Pole.

    Slower churning: Gelato is churned more slowly than ice cream to prevent too many air bubbles from being incorporated into the mixture. Air bubbles are what give ice cream its light, fluffy texture, and they can increase its volume by 25–90%. Accordingly, gelato is much denser and less suitable for filling balloons

    Higher serving temperatures: Because of this greater density, gelato is warmer when served. If it were served at ice cream’s lower temperatures—typically around 10 degrees Fahrenheit—it would be too solid to scoop or eat. Therefore, gelato cases are not kept nearly as cold.

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    Little Ed's Ice Cream Shop
    2618 eaSTON road
    Willow Grove PA 19090
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